Docurity TRY IT FOR FREE! Provide an efficient service for your patients to download medical documents
Fulfill GDPR obligation and Italian
Reduce operating costs
Docurity allows you to send any type of medical document (medical reports, exams,...) in compliance with current regulations on sending and sharing sensitive data and allows you to: The first software to send medical documents!


Docurity protects your center by allowing you to fulfill your obligations under the GDPR, the guidelines of the Italian authority Garante Privacy and protecting your patients' medical documents using secure encryption systems.


We provide GDPR Compliant data management following the best practices of the ISO 27001 standard


Upload documents to a secure and certified Cloud, ensuring the privacy and safety of your documents


With Docurity you provide a fast service to both your center and your patients! Patients can download its medical report H24 by logging in from home, without returning to the medical studio

What is Docurity and how can it help you

Docurity is a software specifically designed for medical professionals and laboratories that operate with sensitive data

Sending medical reports by e-mail is not enough to comply with legal obligations and is not safe for your patients, the paper report instead can be easily subject to unwanted reading, theft or loss, that's why Docurity was born: to provide your center with a secure service that allows you to send reports online taking away all worries!

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Two factor authentication

Reports are consigned securely by verifying the identity of the patient, the credentials are sent on two different channels, only those who have both can access the report!

H24 Service

Docurity is available to your medical center and to your H24 patients, 7 days a week!

Notification system

When a medical report is ready to be sent,  the patient immediately receives an email notification and then proceeds with the authentication for the download!

Smart sharing

Docurity allows you to have a history of the reports sent, check their status and see if they have been viewed or downloaded by your patients

One Time Download

To make the reporting system more secure, medical documents can be set up to self-eliminate immediately after a download.

Efficient management

With Docurity, collecting and managing medical documents becomes easier! Your center will comply with regulations, you will avoid long queues and have lower management costs!

How Docurity works

Upload the medical document you want to send

You can send to your patient any type of medical document (examination records, images of diagnostic findings, referral,...)

Enter email and mobile number of your patient

Two different devices ensure that only the recipient can download the medical document

The patient receives a mail with a link

The recipient follows the link to a page requesting a secret code, which is sent automatically by SMS to their phone.

The patient downloads the medical document

After entering the secret code in the web page, the patient will be able to download the medical document.

Permanent removal of the medical document

The medical document can be deleted by the patient once downloaded. Otherwise, you can specify how long the document will remain available before it is permanently deleted.

Your security is a priority.


Docurity complies to the guidelines through strong authentication procedures such as two factor authentication and asymmetric data encryption

The information shared with your patient can only be read by them. The data is kept encrypted on a secured and certified Cloud temporarily.

Our Cloud uses only communication protocols that ensure connection security (https SSL – Secure Socket Layer)

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Two-Factor authentication, sometimes referred to as two-step verification, is a strong authentication procedure that ensures only the patient reads his health informations.

This type of authentication protects your patient’s sensitive data by adding an extra level of security:

To see the content of the document, in addition to the normal access to the e-mail box, the patient also needs a second factor, which is a secret code sent via sms on the smartphone .

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Tools & Features

Docurity has unique features, carefully studied by listening to the needs of many doctors and medical laboratories.


Docurity is a software dedicated exclusively to doctors and laboratories to help them share medical documents with their patients quickly, remaining compliant with GDPR


Docurity is compatible with all browsers


Several users from the same medical center can access the same Docurity account


You can control the access rights of every user on the account, giving them rights to different program features. You can modify what each user can do or see.


Docurity is a Cloud Platform accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's equipped with certified systems able to offering doctors, laboratories and patients high safety standards.


Your patients can view their medical document directly from home , without having to go back to the medical studio!


To access the documents, the recipient complies with a high level of security, but in a simple and user friendly way.


We are at your disposal to help with any issues while using Docurity.

Sign in and become part of the many doctors who use Docurity to optimize the management of their medical reports

Sign in and become part of the many doctors who use Docurity to optimize the management of their medical reports

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