Processing of Personal Data through Docurity

As mentioned in the terms and conditions of Service, the processing of personal data through our software takes place in accordance with the Main Agreement for the Processing of Personal Data (MDPA) and in accordance with the Special Conditions for the processsing of personal Data (DPA).

Processing of Customer's personal data

Our Customer Personal Data are carefully managed, in compliance with the Information of the processing of Personal Data. The additional consents given by the Customers for the processing different from the contractual purposes are revocable at any time.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Deasoft has proceeded with the appointement of a Data Protection Officer ("DPO") pursuant to the art.37 of European Regulation n.679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data ("GDPR"); Each interested party can contact the Data Protection Officer by sending its request to the following adress:, or by mail to:

Deasoft srls 
Via Vittoria 23,G
40068 - Bologna
c.a.: Responsabile della Protezione dei Dati 

When contacting us the interested party must make sure to include its name, email / postal adress and / or telephone number(s) to be sure that the communication can be managed correctly.