pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016

In providing us with your Personal Data, we invite you to read this Policy, informing you that, in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016, "Personal Data" means any information related to your person that you voluntarily provide us and those that we will need to detect in the course of the relationship and in the performance of the Services you requested, to be able to provide you our products and/or services.

In principle, for our Activity, it is not necessary to process also data classified as "special categories of personal data" (health state or other sensitive informations), as it is not necessay for the purposes of the relationship.

The access to the Service and the use of it presuppose the acceptance of all terms, conditions and warnings, without exception, by the user of the terms herein described and, if necessary, any changes thereto which must be periodically checked by the user itself for its better knowledge and information.

 We therefore ask the User to leave the site immediatly if it does not agree to these terms of use.

  1. Source of personal data: i  personal data in possession of are collected directly from the interested party when entering their personal data in the appropriate fileds provided in the dedicated screen in the Web application.
  2. Finalità dei trattamenti - Data are collected and processed with the exclusive purpose of the correct and complete performance of our activity towards you (pre-contractual, contractual purposes, relating to the supply of the products and/or services requested, technical, commercial and statistical assistance), with only the necessary and indisepnsable treatments. The contact details (telephone and email) may be used to sed commmunication relating to the existing relationship, or for direct marketing purposes and for the sending of commercial/ promotional communications. Finally, with some Data, we will keep the mandatory records by law, both accounting and other nature (administrative and accounting purposes, fulfilment of legal obligations).
  3. Legal prerequisites for processing - in the course of our business activity your personal data will be processed in compliance with the general principles of lawfulness, necessity, correctness, relevance and not excess, on the basis of the fulfilment of pre-contractual agreements or existing contractual obligations, in fulfilment of legal obligations or in pursuit of legitimante interests. 
  4. Method of processing - The Data are processd by us both manually, and the related paper documentation will be properly maintained and protected for as log as necessary to the processing, and through our computer system, and in this case will be recoreded in computer readable format and protected with appropriate security measures.
  5. Retention period - The processed data will be stored in our protected archives for as long as necessary on the basis on the requested Services, including after-sales or periodic assistance. Once completed the Activity requested the data may be deleted or stored for the sole purpose of documentation of the activity carried out (if it were indispensable) or for historical and/or statistical purposes (in this case in pseudonymized form), except for tax data that will be kept for a period corresponding to legal obligations. The contact data for marketing purposes will be used until the relevant Consent is revoked.
  6. Categories of subjects to whom the data may be coomunicated Your personal data may also be disclosed, if requested, to the Competent Authorities in legal/legislative matters according to current legislation. The data processed by Docurity Web Application and are not disseminaetd.


  1. Right as interested party - We inform you that, as interested party, you have all the rights provided by the Regulations; art.15 (Right to Access), art.16 (Right of Rectification), art.17 (Right to Erasure), art.18 (Right to Restriction of Processing), art.20 (Right to Data Portability), art.21 (Right to Object). You also have the right to revoke at any time the consent given to the processing of data, the revocation takes effect from the moment we become aware of it and does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent perviously given. Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory Authority.
    In some cases (erasure, limitation, opposition) the exercise of your Rights may no longer make possible, in whole or in part, the provision of the Services and/or Services in your favor. All the rights described are exercised with a request addressed without formality to the Data Controller, also through an appointed person, to whom is provided appropriate feedback without delay.
  2. Data Controller - the owner of the data is the reporting company Deasoft Srls with headquarters in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), Via Vittoria 23G, in the legal representative person, for the provisions of Regulations 679/2016, at the headquartes of the writer and that can be contacted fot the purposes of Regulation 679/2016 to the dedicated email

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